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QCHC adds Hinds County in Jackson, Mississippi

Quality Correctional Health Care (QCHC) is proud to announce the award of the contract to provide healthcare services to Hinds County. Hinds County consists of four (4) facilities: Henley-Young Juvenile Center, Jackson Jail, Raymond Jail, & Raymond Penal Farm.  QCHC will begin providing medical services at the facilities in Hinds County beginning October 3rd.    Collectively, Hinds County houses approximately 900 inmates. 


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Doctor Rocks for a Great Cause

Dr. Lee Carter isn’t shy about doing something different when it’s for a great cause.  He is completely willing to go out of his comfort zone right into some platform shoes and make-up.
With the help and talent of his daughters Dr. Carter endured a long makeup session, complete with tongue apparatus, slipped into some platform shoes, made a quick costume change and behold the transformation is complete.  Look there’s Gene Simmons of KISS!
Dr. Carter is the Chairman of the Huntingdon Special School District Board of Education and the band members were some of the Board of Education members who fulfilled their KISS rock and roll dreams at a fundraiser for Relay for Life.  
Dr. Carter said, “First walking in those shoes gave a me a true understanding of what a Tennessee walking horse must feel like. They are worse than the stacks I wore back in the 70's.”   While he was able to remain standing in the platform shoes for the performance, one of the other band members was not so fortunate and took a tumble falling off the stage, Ouch!
He’s not a one hit wonder either.  He stated, “We have been Amish rappers, I was Gingie from Shrek, Animal from the Muppets, an old rocker in a nursing home just to name a few of our idiocy to raise money and provide high entertainment value.” 
When asked if he played the guitar, Dr. Carter stated, “No I don't play any string instruments, the keyboard is my instrument of choice.”
You might be wondering, would he do the KISS makeup again? Dr. Carter said “I have no desire to wear the makeup again but the boots .....” I agree, those are some rockin' boots.