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 Easy Integration, we use the right tool for the technology you have.

We strive to use the latest technology so that we can be more efficient and save you money. We can integrate with any system old or new, large or small.

The Latest Technology

In order to provide the quality of health care that we promise, QCHC invests in the latest and greatest medical equipment, technology, and employee talent.

Mobile X-Ray & Mobile Ultrasound

QCHC utilizes mobile X-Ray technology and portable ultrasound technology. Our health-care staff members have the ability to conduct x-rays and ultrasounds with jail facilities, rather than having to send inmates off-site. Besides the cost-savings that this provides, these technologies provide the physician the ability to make a more informed decision quickly and efficiently.

Electronic Medical Records

QCHC has the ability to use EMR (Electronic Medical Records) or EHR (Electronic Health Records) systems to assist our nursing staff with medication administration, documentation, medical orders, not to mention saving staff the hassle of storing physical paper records.

Remote Monitoring

QCHC can utilize mobile technology to monitor patient data in areas where wireless access is available