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About Us

We are Quality Correctional Health Care, a physician owned and operated company. We deliver quality health care at an affordable cost. 

Our Mission

"To seamlessly integrate cost effective affordable and quality correctional health care into the corrections environment." -Johnny Bates, MD, CEO and Founder.

Specialty Care

Mental Health, Dental & Women's Health 
Specialty Physicians, Nurses and Mental Health Care Workers

We offer mental health care services onsite. We will manage all your dental needs.  Women's Health and Case Management for Psychological consultations are available options. We provide highly trained, motivated medical staff ready to work hard for you. 


 Pharmaceutical Services

QCHC can save you money by contracting with a correctional pharmacy. Our physicians work hard to reduce your pharmaceutical bills without jeopardizing the quality of health care. We are also one of the only providers currently offering an electronic pharmacy system which greatly improves the dispensing of inmate medications.


Mobile and On-Site Ultrasound, X-ray

QCHC has our own in-house digital radiology system. This will help decrease the off-site travel and expenses of routine radiology.  Besides the cost-savings that this provides, these technologies provide the Physician the ability to make a more informed decision more efficiently.  Reducing off-site billing and utilization review to reduce cost are part of our services to you.


Quality isn't just our name It's our mission and your guarantee.


Quality Correctional Health Care (QCHC) is founded upon the principles of trust, reliability and quality. It is our principles that allow us to control your inmate health care cost. It is our guiding principles which have made us one of the fastest growing inmate health care contracting services in the country.

Johnny Bates MD, CEO

We encourage you to contact all of our present contracts for their comments. Our customers are our strongest sales team and most of our contracts have come by word of mouth. We would love to serve as your inmate health care provider.

Johnny Bates MD, CEO