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​Our Leadership Team

Our corporate leadership team includes medical, business, financial, accounting, legal, human resources, and information technology professionals to support our on-site medical staff.

"We take great pride in our staff members. They work hard for you. Your satisfaction is their mission."-Johnny Bates, MD, Founder and CEO.


Meet the Team!

Meet each member of the QCHC team.

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Clinical Leadership Team

Johnny E. "Rusty" Bates, MD MMM CPE CHHIMS CCHP,

           Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Donald Kern, MD MPH CCHP, Chief Medical Officer / Corporate Medical Director

Jerry Gurley, MD CCHP, Director of Women's Services

Moha​mmed Zein, MD MPH CCHP, Regional Medical Director - MS

Lynn Carter, FNP, Senior Nurse Practitioner - TN

Ladonna Hubbard, FNP, Nurse Practitioner - TN

Amy Franks, FNP, Nurse Practitioner - TN

Victoria Singleton, RN, Senior Regional Director of Nursing (DON) - AL, GA, SC

Cissy McCarty, RN-MSN, Regional Director of Nursing (DON) - MS

Tom Petreit, LPN, Director of Quality Control & Education

Krista Chick, LPC NCC, Mental Health Director

Dr. Elton Amos (KY), Dr. Raynon Andrews (AL), Dr. Wayne Grayson (MS), Dr. Patricia Riddle (SC), Dr. Gerry Sparks (AL) - Facility Medical Directors

Anita Hershner, RN (TN); Brenda Lawler, RN (AL); Kathy Matheson, RN (TN); Mariellen Burchell, LPN (AL);Leanne Conkling, LPN (AL); Mari Kay Faulk, LPN (TN); Angela Gray, LPN (AL); Tina Hughes, LPN (TN); Donald Shrupp, LPN (AL); Angela Underwood, LPN (AL) - Corporate Nursing Staff


   Administrative Leadership Team

Johnny E. "Rusty" Bates, MD MMM CPE CPHIMS CCHP,

           Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)  

Jeff Bates, Vice President & Chief Purchasing Officer

Justin Barkley, JD CCHP, Vice President & Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Bron Bates, Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Christie Estes, JD, Litigation Counsel and Compliance Director

Joey Stanton, Director of Sales & Marketing

Kathi Mann, Office Manager

Elizabeth Milar, Human Resources Manager

Beverly Stanfa, Accountant/Assistant to the CFO

David White, Accountant/Accounts Payable

Lynn Lomenick, Payroll Administrator

Latosha Marhoon, Medical Billing Contracts Manager 

Brandon Channell, Purchasing & Sales

Sherry Mosley, Receptionist for the Corporate Office